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    Charity Auction of AV equip. (I hope this is ok to post here, sry if not)

    (Date to be added once confirmed)

    To all and any of you that have anything to do with anything Audio/Visual ….



    The charity I work for (The Soul Project / TSP Youth Space / Tumble In The Jungle) is struggling quite a bit financially since the government cut our grant somewhat in half a while back, and during the summer months we hardly get any customers through the door in our kids play center so our own stream of revenue is merely a thread of a shoestring right now as well.

    Our charity is a local community based youth charity. We provide a service for ages ranging from babies right up to mid teens (including special needs children of all ages). Downstairs we have a soft play area, where mums/dads/guardians can take their young children to enjoy some playtime and allow the parents/guardians themselves to have a bit of hands off/social time where they know their kids will be in a safe environment. We have a sensory room for young babies and special needs children where they can have an enjoyable relaxing experience without the pressures of normal society’s restraints (colourful lights, soft toys and other interesting, stimulating things of the sort).

    Upstairs we have a multitude of creative and fun activities for young to mid teenagers, ranging from an in house radio studio, a graphic design studio, a music production studio, a hall with live instruments and DJ equipment to a youth center that has games consoles, a pool table, a ping pong table and an air-hockey table. We also house a safe space for supervised visitations of children by their parents who have had their legal custody removed.

    We provide a very important service to the local community, however, we are in dire need of support. The reason we are here is because, unfortunately, we know not every child has the best chance in life due to outside circumstances that they have no control over, this is not fair and we want to give what ever we can back to make them have the best chance of brushing off the negativity that may of crept into their lives, and hopefully provide them with some tools, be it socially, technically or creatively, to make something of what may otherwise of become a path of uncertainty, when everyone else has turned the other cheek, we try to give the young of today, our future, the future that they deserve (and let them have some fun whilst doing it)!

    Now I’m not asking for donations, but unfortunately it costs a LOT to run what we are doing, and our cash flow is severely deficient currently due to the aforementioned reasons.

    I’m thinking of holding a massive auction of a large selection of pro AV equipment that we have, which was kindly donated to us by the owners of a closing multimedia production suite. We’ve taken what we can use to do workshops/events for the kids with, but there’s unfortunately an awful lot of gear that we have a use for, as it’s either a double of something we have, not an area of media that we deal with, or just too specialist for our needs. There’s some old and some new tech, ranging from monitor switch boxes to a 32 channel Allen and Heath analog mixing desk. I’ll post pictures of the entire collection of stuff we have, but not individual pictures, as there’s way too much gear to individually catalog (I will however make sure that all equipment is identifiable, and highlight any special items that I feel you should keep you eye on, as they may be hotly contested). If there’s something that specifically catches your eye, I can give more info/close up pics upon request (contact details to follow).

    I’m currently just trying to get a sense of the kind of interest something like this would have, but also hopefully drum up some more people who may want to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to snag some amazing bargains, whilst helping out a very worthy cause at the same time, and kitting out your studio! 🙂

    If you think this would be something you would be interested in, or if someone you know would be up for attending, then please either like this post (if on Facebook), reply to this post, share this post amongst your friends/peers, or, if you would like to talk to me directly, please feel free to email me on

    The auction will be held in Walthamstow, north east London. *Exact location to be given closer to the time


    …firstly to anyone who read this far, you’re a trooper and for that I give you a huge amount of respect :), and secondly to anyone who either attends, or helps others attend by sharing this information. You don’t know how much this means to us!!! YOU ROCK!!!

    Much Love Josh Kingsley xxx

    *providing we get the interest/estimated attendance needed to make it viable.

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